• Interventions with CEOs, collaborators and heads of legal, administrative or sales departments about personalized training topics linked with intellectual property and/or general business law. Trainings are eligible to DIF (Individual training rights)

PARIS 13 UNIVERSITY – Master of Science program in “ Innovation and management of intellectual property “

  • Intervention as an associate professor, in the following areas: fight against counterfeiting, counterfeiting proceedings, intellectual property agreements, trademark rights, industrial design rights

" Ecole Bleue - Blue School" (global design school: interior architecture, product designer, graphic designer)

  • Intervention on the following topic: Understanding copyright rules

O.I.V. (International Organization of Vine and Wine)

  • Intervention in the following fields: protection of wine trademarks, protection of quality signs managed by INAO (Institut national de l'origine et de la qualité / National Institute of Origin and Quality), appellation of origin protection.

I.R.P.I. (Institut de Recherche en Propriété Intellectuelle / Intellectual Property Research Institute)

  • Intervention on the following topic: Industrial design protection.

E.G.E. (Ecole de Guerre Economique / Economic Warefare School of Paris)

  • Intervention on the following topic: “corporate knowledge asset, their protection and infringement “.