With Delphine BASTIEN’s law firm fees are all a claim to relevance according to the nature of the case, its difficulty and the time spent to work on it.

In compliance with the Barrister work ethic rules, an estimated cost (fees agreement) will be submitted to the client’s approval.

Fees may be fixed according to two methods :

1/ fees on a “ time-spent “ basis:

The amount of fees will depend on “ the time spent “ by the Barrister, and will be submitted to its hourly rate. When this method is accepted, BASTIEN law firm will indicate to its client an estimation of the necessary working hours to manage its case, and will keep at disposal a detailed account of it.

2/ Fees on a “fixed sum“ basis:

This method is generally used only for legal cases entailing little risk in the course of the proceedings. Thereby, the law firm may agree on a fixed amount of fees to manage the whole case.

“Success“ fee: If expressly stated in the fees agreement, an additional fee based on the attainment of a precise objective may top a minimum fee either based on a “fixed sum “ or a “fixed-hour“ term. However, the success fee must not be the only fee paid to the Barrister.

Legal expenses insurance: Delphine BASTIEN’s law firm invites you to check out your insurance agreements so as to find out if they already offer a legal protection guarantee policy. If that is the case, your insurer will pay off the fees invoiced by your law firm, entirely or partially within the limits imposed by the policy. This legal protection guarantee yet does not interfere in any way with the client’s freedom to choose its Barrister.

Reimbursement of your legal fees by the adverse party: further to a legal proceeding, the Judge may decide to sentence the adverse party to contribute to the fees and expenses paid during the procedure. In civil matter, this compensation is provided in article 700 of the Civil Procedure Code and in criminal affairs, it is based on article 475-1 of The Criminal Procedure Code.